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     Shenzhen Keding Hardware Co., Ltd, who is the vice-chairman of Shenzhen Furniture Industry  Association and  member of China  Building Decoration  Association,  is one  of the leading developers,manufacturers and suppliers  specialized   in  furniture  hardware,     electrical    components on furniture and component parts on automobiles.
     With the management concepts “Value Creating on the Products and for the Society, Mutual Developing for Keding and Kedding’s Staff, Kedding and  the Society” and“Quality Hardware makes Quality Life”, Keding have always been sticking to the management strategy “Creativity and Diversity Makes Keding Competitive”.  Keding  have   their   own Patents of Original nventions,   Utility Models  and   Designs.   The    Multifunctional Transformative  Device  of  Power and lectronic  Connections on Desktop is originally invented  by Keding  in China.  The high   quality requirement form  Keding’s   customers,   most of  who are  the outstanding manufa-cturers  on  furniture,  cooker,   building   decoration   components and  luxury  automobile components, is the impelling power for Keding’s constant progress.
   “Innovation, talent, R & D” is the core principle of Keding’s management. Keding’s powerful  R&D ability,  initiating  from  experienced  engineers’ professional  creation  &  innovation  on  designs   and   research on functions, will allow Keding providing successful solutions to all the customers’ needs. 
     Keding is a ISO9001:2000(UKAS) quality certified company,  we  ensure our excellent quality through strict manufacture technology, sound quality control system and scientific production management.
    "Better hardware, better life", Keding wishes to achieve a brighter future together with you!